About Jobstream Group

Who are we?

Jobstream are the leading global providers of trust software for offshore trusts. Our solution is used worldwide by over 60 clients in 14 jurisdictions by trust companies, banks, family offices and similar organisations as a business platform for trust and company administration, accounting and practice management.

We strive to deliver all of our projects on time and on budget with our full service, low risk implementations and data migration expertise. We are Intellect partners, Microsoft Silver Membership partners as well as OpenText Select Partners.

Why choose Jobstream?

We help our clients to become more agile allowing them to be informed, compliant and efficient in every area of their business whilst using Jobstream 9.

Informed- To understand whatís going on in the company including risks and bottle necks

Compliant- To conform to regulatory best practice and evidence this with a transparent audit trail

Efficient- Reduce cost of operation and standardise straight- through processing.

By becoming more informed, compliant and efficient you will be able to:

  • Reduce risk of non-compliance
  • Reduce cost/ write offs
  • Improve service quality

Our History: Proven & Reliable

Jobstream Group was founded in 1993 and grew out of 20 years direct experience of the practicalities and needs of trust company business. Jobstream Group plc was founded in 1993 to produce trust software for the offshore financial services industry. The founding members of the company include several of the current board of directors: Michael Brimacombe (Chairman), Pamela Brimacombe (Director of Human Resources), and John Brimacombe (Chief Executive Officer).

Today Jobstream Group operates from two locations in the UK. Our headquarters is in Cambridge in the St. John's Innovation Centre at the heart of the city's world-famous Science Park area, whilst our Sales & Consulting team operate out of London.

We are the largest independent providers in the industry, allowing us to be in full control of our solutions and be flexible with our offerings. Whilst we have grown steadily, we have also been able to supply the same products and services, to the same people, in the same industry since 1993. As we focus solely on offshore trusts, we have been able to develop in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of the complexities of the offshore trust industry and have been able to base the development of our solutions on this insight.

Unrivalled product quality

We pride ourselves on always putting our customers first and putting them at the forefront of everything we do. This is the prime reason why we donít charge our clients for their upgrades- it is included in their annual support. Our goal is to ensure that your upgrade process is as seamless as possible as well as providing you with unrivalled customer support from our dedicated customer support team.

We invest heavily each year in development to ensure that the solutions we provide to our clients are always to an exceptional standard. We invest not only in our product, but also in our development team as well. This is why we boast the largest development team in the industry- focussed solely on trust company software, and why we continue to actively grow our team to ensure that we have enough man-power dedicated to the development and innovation of our solution.

Our partnerships with clients

The focus of our business is providing the best possible service to our clients. We are dedicated to ensuring that we consistently provide what our customers need, help them solve the problems that they are facing at all levels of their business, and ensure that they are getting the most of our solution. As your solution provider, It is our top priority to not only ensure that your implementation is delivered on time and on budget, but to also develop our partnership beyond implementation by collaborating with you in developing our solution, ensuring that as your customers grow and the requirements of your business needs change, our products and services are adapted to meet those demands.

Donít just take our word for it; the quality of our service and our dedication to our relationships is evidenced by our exceptionally good client references. Hear what our customers have to say about us.

One of the ways we build our client relationships is by hosting our bi-annual User Day Event for our clients in the Isle of Man and Jersey. The purpose of this event to show our clients how they can get the most out of their Jobstream system, and provide an environment where they can learn not just from us but from other clients sharing their user experience and knowledge. It also provides an opportunity for our clients to give their input into what new features they would like to see incorporated in the next version of our solution. This inclusive partnership is one of the reasons why we continue to win new clients and maintain old ones.

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