What we do

Jobstream Group is the leading independent specialist provider of integrated trust management software for the offshore financial services industry.

Our software, Jobstream 9, is used worldwide by over 60 trust companies, family offices, banks and similar organisations in numerous jurisdictions as a business platform for trust and company administration, and for accounting and practice management.

How can we help?

Trust companies find themselves under increasing pressures from their clients, regulators and competition. Their customers are looking for more value and personal attention at lower costs. Regulators are testing their ability to respond and requiring proof of following due process. Their competition are providing a high level of customer service at a competitive price which means they need to provide an even higher level of customer service to maintain their existing client base and win new business.

To become a successful trust company and thrive in the midst of competition, you need to become an "agile trust company". This class of trust company is nimble, information driven and can readily adapt to your evolving market demands. Our market leading solution Jobstream 9 provides you with the ideal platform to achieve this.

How do you become an agile trust company?

You need to become ICE: Informed, Compliant and Efficient:

  • Informed: Understand what's going on in the company including risks and bottle necks
  • Compliant: Conform to regulatory best practice and evidence this with a transparent audit trail
  • Efficient: Reduce cost of operation and standardise straight-through processing

Jobstream 9 is second generation software at its finest. Our clients become informed, compliant and efficient by using our solution to reduce their risk of non-compliance, reduce cost/write offs, and improve service quality. Learn more about Jobstream 9.

Become more informed

Our role-based functionality presents you with customised dashboards with information and a task list specific to your role, reports menu and views for each job role.

Our configurable Smart Views provide mini reports for ‘management by exception' with drill down capabilities to take relevant actions and track KPIs. These features allow you to take a more proactive approach to running your organisation rather than a reactive approach.

Learn more about our Role-based features and Smart views

Become more compliant

Our Compliance Option Pack provides comprehensive reporting, advanced user audit trails and relationship summaries & structure charts for all your managed entities.

In addition, our Business Process Management (BPM) functionality standardises repeatable processes like the billing cycle for instance, with a full audit trail. Jobstream's BPM tool limits the risk of non-compliance because it allows you to be compliant as a by-product of your software working in the background to ensure your business is continuously ready for inspection by regulators. By implementing our Compliance options you not only reduce risk but also reduce costs by avoiding the need for parallel streams of compliance work alongside regular business processes.

Learn more about our Compliance features

Become more efficient

Jobstream’s Business Process Management (BPM) (powered by OpenText) drives your processes and manages your workflow across your business to improve your operational efficiency by:

  • Intelligently automating workflows and business processes
  • Interfacing with external sources to reduce laborious and error-prone data entry
  • Utilising flexible and customisable reporting tools to make sure that data easily gets in and out of the system

If you're operating more efficiently, you are able to reduce cost of operation. With an efficient business process in place, you can spend more time focusing on improving value-added service to your clients to remain competitive.

Learn more about how Jobstream BPM can improve your workflow

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