What we do

Jobstream, part of Microgen Financial Systems, is a leading specialist provider of integrated trust and corporate services administration software for the offshore financial services industry.

Our software, Jobstream 9, is used worldwide by over 60 trust companies, family offices, banks and similar organisations in numerous jurisdictions as a business platform for trust and company administration, and for accounting and practice management.

How can we help?

Trust companies find themselves under increasing pressure from their clients, regulators and competition, and have no choice but to become agile in order to succeed. Their customers are looking for more value and personal attention at lower costs. Regulators are testing their ability to respond and requiring visual proof of following due process, with the latest examples being FATCA and the Common Reporting Standard, layering ever more complex compliance processes on top of already intricate requirements.

Jobstream 9 helps wealth management firms to compete effectively within this environment be becoming more:

  • Informed: Understand what's going on in the company including risks and bottle necks
  • Compliant: Conform to regulatory best practice and evidence this with a transparent audit trail
  • Efficient: Reduce cost of operation and standardise straight-through processing

Our clients use our solution to reduce risk of non-compliance, reduce write-offs, and improve service quality.

How do you become an agile trust company?

Become more informed

Jobstream 9's role-based functionality presents each user with customised dashboards, task lists, and data views specific to their role.

Our configurable Smart Views provide mini reports for 'management by exception' with drill down capabilities to take relevant actions and track KPIs.

Jobstream's integrated workflows allow managers to monitor the status of all key activities.

Learn more about our Role-based features and Smart views

Become more compliant

Jobstream 9 enables you to be consistently compliant in all areas of your business as a by-product of using the software. You can undertake your day-to day tasks knowing the software is working in the background ensuring that you are fulfilling all necessary regulatory requirements.

Our Risk Review workflow allows formal, structured risk assessments to be carried out against each entity in the system, using Jobstreamís Questionnaires functionality to allow questions included in the reviews to be defined flexibly according to organisation-specific requirements.

Learn more about our Compliance features

Become more efficient

Our JAS workflows are designed to automate businesses' key processes, particularly in transfer of responsibility between staff or departments, thereby helping to reduce costs.

Jobstream 9's straight-through processing tools automate bookkeeping and reconciliation of financial transactions, reducing time spent on manual data entry. Jobstream's modern technology frees business users from wearisome work and empowers employees to efficiently deliver top-grade service to their clients.

Learn more about how JAS and Straight-Through Processing can automate your business

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